02 April 2009

my result quiz @ facebook

bosan la xtaw nk watpe..so layan quiz la..kalo korang nak wat quiz nie korang wat la kat facebook korang..Layanzz..

Q: Which colour is your aura?

Answer : yellow

Yellows are the sunniest, happiest and most childlike personalities in the color-spectrum. "All I want to do is have some fun!" is a song which is a wonderful representation of Yellows and shows their easy going, light and sunny character. These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor. They love to laugh and intimately enjoy life from many different angles. They advocate relaxation, the pure joy of life and live spontaneously. They are always reminding other people to not take life too seriously and to always look on the bright side. Life and work should both be enjoyed.

Q:Who is Your Soulmate?


You belong with someone who is caring and always there for you. They ask you how your day was and show concern for you.
*ske nye aku kalo dapat yg btl2 cmnie..

Q:Are You Cool?

Answer : Cool

people respect you and like being around you, your an loyal person and your also funny. your kinda popular but deep down your a true person.
*cool ke aku..ye la tu kot..

Q:What car should you drive?

Answer : Mercedes-Benz S600
You like the wonderfully luxurious jet-setting lifestyle and you like showing it off. You've obviously made alot of money if you buy this Mercedes and you'd have spent it well. It truly is the front runner among luxury cars and will probably always be.
*actually aku x ske kete nie..aku lg ske kete Mazda RX8..xpon Nissan Skyline.tp kalo de yg bg kete kat ats nie aku amik jer..

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